The 100 Box Project

The 2018 Edition of The 100 Box Project is now underway!

Crossroads started this amazing outreach a little less than ten years ago and over the years we have literally help provide food to families during the holidays and that food has been used to make thousands upon thousands of meals.

We started that first year with one idea: Let’s fill 100 boxes and give them to people in our community who could use some help. Every box provides the basic ingredients that allow those who receive them to make numerous meals through Christmas. Each box is put together, prayed over, and put into the hands of people in our community by people who care and love their neighbors. Nothing is expected in return. Our desire is to meet a need and to serve others in Jesus name.

If you would be interested in filling boxes, stop by the tables in our lobby on Sunday mornings at Crossroads. If you would like to give financially to this project, simply click here.

If you need more information you can contact us at