Connect Groups

When: Sunday morning @ 9:30am
Where: The Suites (At The Mill, east of Crossroads main entrance)

Connect Groups offer a new way to connect with others and grow in your walk with Christ on Sunday mornings at Crossoroads.

Connect Groups are designed to foster community among group members as you discuss a topic that directly impacts life. They’re our way of helping you get to know yourself and others on a deeper level. If you’re looking to establish friendships and get to know people at Crossroads, Connect Groups are a great place to start.

Connect Groups will meet Sunday mornings @ 9:30am in The Suites (house at The Mill to the east of Crossroads main entrance).  

Each group will explore a specific topic, allowing you to experience a Group environment while you are already at Crossroads on Sunday mornings. 

Our next session of Connect Groups are:
God is Closer Than You Think – John Ortberg
The Reason for God – Tim Keller

To ensure that Connect Groups maintain an intimate, community feel, group size will be limited. If you are interested in joining a Connect Group or just want more information, let us know today to secure your spot.

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